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Custom expansion joints

The Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali of Milan has been specialized for over fifty years in the construction of expansion compensators.

These articles absorb the vibrations of industrial engines, generators, industrial machinery, flues and other types of plants. The expansion compensators also absorb the expansion and contraction of pipes due to the significant thermal differences and movements to which the systems are subjected, thanks to the flexible waves of the bellows and the physical properties of the stainless steel of which the waves are composed.



The Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali, upon customer request, axial expansion compensators to the desired size with terminals and / or flanges according to required dimensions. We are able to build them with deviations in diameter and length of even 0.5mm from the standard sizes, to achieve maximum flexibility.

Some examples of made-to-measure compensators that we are able to produce have flanges of diameters, holes and center distances created to customer specifications. They can have a variable length and different terminals at the two ends (for example on one side swivel flange, on the other end to be welded).

We also manufacture angle compensators and universal compensators at the request of our customers, carefully analyzing the working conditions of the joint and the different types of movement to which the bellows are subjected.

The Costruzione Ricambi Macchine Industriali manufactures expansion compensators according to specific request or on project, evaluating conditions, working environment and all the other characteristics necessary to size the compensators so as to be able to offer its customers the most optimal solutions for their needs. We check the bellows of our compensators according to the EJMA standards and the terminals according to the harmonized European standard UNI EN 13445.


Our checks

The expansion compensators are monitored during each of their construction phases, during the construction of the bellows, terminals and assembly. These items, in addition to careful dimensional and visual control, are tested with air jet leak test. We can also carry out the control of the penetrating liquids on customer request.


Guaranteed delivery and professionalism

Respect for the customer is fundamental for our company: for this reason we guarantee professionalism in the performance of our work and collaboration to create a customized product based on customer needs. We have no billing limit.


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